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i-Recall Systems

We specialise in developing mobile applications that revolve around self tracking and data capture. i-recall tracks your location allowing you to store uploads associated with a time and place. The data logged is then readily available to you, either through the app itself or by logging into our website.

Along with the original i-recall application we have also developed a suite of specific tracking applications, the first of these to be released is i-recall UK Tax. This app is specifically designed for individuals who need to keep track of their locaiton for tax purposes.

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Flashcard Languages App

Our range of flashcard language apps are a quick and simple way to help you learn other languages.

We currently offer apps in French, German, Spanish and Swedish with more to follow.

There are over 2000 flashcards in each app that should help you on your way to proficiency. The apps will help you learn some of the most useful vocabulary in a language and can be picked up anywhere anytime.

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Apnea Diver App

Apnea Diver is a training app for free divers, apnea swimmers and spearfishing enthusiasts which expands lung capacity and the amount of time you can spend underwater. In fact, Apnea Diver static training tables are beneficial for all sportsmen as it increases lung capacity which improves general aerobic performance.

The Apnea Diver app contains a series of apnea breath hold static tables which will improve your lung capacity if practiced three to four times a week. A simple way to improve lung capacity and ability to hold your breath for free diving and other sports.

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